Solutions and products

High-performance plastics


Polyamide 4.6 has excellent wear and friction resistance as well as very high mechanical properties. This is a semi-crystalline plastic.
High temperature resistance
High rigidity
High strength
Low water absorption


Polyamide 12 is a semi-crystalline material that is characterised by its high strength and impact strength values. In contrast to PA6 or PA66, PA12 has low water absorption and therefore has high dimensional stability.
Low water absorption
Good resistance to stress cracking
High abrasion resistance


Polyphthalamide is an aromatic polyamide. It is a high-performance plastic that is used as a metal substitute due to its low weight.
High heat resistance
Good dimensional stability with only slight warpage
Low moisture absorption
High tensile strength and rigidity


Polysulfones are high-temperature resistant, amorphous thermoplastics that are characterised by very high continuous service temperatures.
Good dimensional accuracy
High rigidity and strength
Good electrical insulating behaviour


Polyphenylene sulphide is a semi-crystalline material whose special features are very high heat resistance and very good chemical resistance.
Low water absorption
Inherent flame resistance
Very good electrical properties (insulator)
Low creep tendency


Polyethersulfone is an amorphous, transparent high-performance plastic with a slightly brownish transparency.
Low flue gas density
Good fire protection equipment
High impact strength


Polyetherimide is an amorphous high-performance material with amber-like transparency, which can be characterised by high thermal, chemical and inherent flame-retardant resistance.
Low smoke development
High strength
Good hydrolysis resistance


Polyetheretherketone is a semi-crystalline material with very high heat resistance, which is also characterised by excellent chemical resistance.
Temperature resistance up to 300┬░C
High hydrolysis resistance
Inherently flame-retardant
Radiation resistance